What is the Sibuna Club?Edit

Sibuna (or "Anubis" backwards) is a club formed by students to try and solve the mysteries of Anubis House. To become a member of the Sibuna club, the students have to sacrifice something important and pledge to keep all the secrets of the house safe. The Sibuna club members sneak out at night after curfew to try and solve the

Patricia making the symbol for "Sibuna".

mysteries. All of their meetings take place under the Burnt Elm Tree in the clearing of the woods.

Current Members and StatusEdit

Nina Martin - Original (alive)

Fabian Rutter - Original (alive)

Amber Millington - Founder (alive)

Patricia Williamson - Member (alive)

Alfie Lewis - Member (alive)

Jerome Clarke - Member (alive)

The sign of sibuna is by covering the right eye with your palm on it.

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