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"Mickra" is the romantic pairing Mick Campbell and Mara Jaffray. These two have had there ups and downs and multiple break-ups, but the are currently together.

Season 1 MomentsEdit

House of Secrets/House of Attitude

  • Mara stares at Mick when he comes into the room all sweaty.
  • When Mick comes to ask Mara for help with biology, he calls her the "biology-babe", and Mara agrees to help him.
  • Mick says Mara is "Maraculous".
  • When Mick needs help (again) with homework and Mara agrees (again), he states "It's a date, then. Speaking of reference."
  • Mick gives Mara a "thank you present"- a bracelet, that happens to be the same one he gave Amber.
  • Uncut Version- Mick and Fabian are in their room, and Fabian goes to leave and runs into Mara, who is giving Mick his physics essay back... Mick says "Mara, you're a star!".

House of Discovery/House of Hyper

  • Mara is jealous about Amber and Mick, and whines about it.
  • Mara admits to Patricia that she likes Mick. Little do they know, Amber heard it all.
  • Mick appologizes to Mara and Amber for "ruining their friendship".
  • Mara flirts with Mick and feeds him a chip. Amber comes in and tells her to "get your paws off my boyfriend".

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