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What is Fabicia?Edit

"Fabicia", or "Pabian", is the romantic pairing
of the two characters Patricia Williamson and Fabian Rutter. The two seem to be good friends, and Patricia may have a crush on Fabian. This could also be why Patricia is jealous of Nina.

Competitors: Fabina, Jabian, Palfie, Pason, Patrome

Fabicia This user supports Fabicia!

Fabicia Moments- Season 1Edit

House of Secrets/House of Attitude

  • Fabian sits next to Patricia at the table.
  • When Patricia is being mean to Nina, Fabian states: "Patricia is the head of the welcoming committee.".
  • Fabian sneaks multiple glances at Patricia.
  • Patricia pours water on Nina, and Fabian says "Very classy, Patricia.".
  • Patricia and Fabian both glare at the same time when Alfie suggests Victor locked Joy in the cellar.
  • Patricia tells Nina she thinks her Gran wanted to get rid of her, Fabian yells: "Patricia! Stop being such a witch!" and Patricia leaves the room angrily.
  • Patricia tries to get Fabian in on her "initiation" scheme. He says "Since when?" and she says "Since forever, Fabian.".
  • Patricia constantly tells Fabian and Amber to shut up during Nina's "initiation".
  • Uncut Version- Fabian tells Nina "Patricia isn't normally like this."

House of Locks/House of Eyes

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